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S1E8: Rome, You’re a Good Chilling Place

May 19, 2013 The weather was perfect: the Sun was blazing down on us and the wind was calm. There were not many cars roaming around the corners of the … Continue reading

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S1E7: Gaudi’s Treasures

May 16, 2013 My goal during my four-day stay at Barcelona was to visit Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces. Even though I was unable to see as many as I wanted, I … Continue reading

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S1E6: Thoughts on ‘Tarantos’ Flamenco

May 14 2013 On the second day at Barcelona, I lined up in front of Tarantos for a 30-minute flamenco performance with live music. Unlike the “Don Giovanni” marionette review, … Continue reading

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S1E5: Thoughts on ‘Don Giovani’

May 12, 2013 I enjoyed the marionette version of Mozart’s opera masterpiece “Don Giovanni” at the National Marionette Theater in Prague. As a child grown in a generation of television … Continue reading

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S1E4: Astronomical Clock at Prague

May 11, 2013 The first time I saw the 20 second performance of the Astronomical Clock, I was not pleased. I did not understand why every hour of every day … Continue reading

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S1E3: Český Krumlov

May 10, 2013 Assigned as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Český Krumlov is a small city near Prague and it took about three hours to get there by bus (I recommend Student … Continue reading

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S1E2: Kutná Hora

May 9 2013 I went to Kutná Hora as a day trip from Prague by train, and for about an hour, the train windows were playing through similar pictures of green … Continue reading

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S1E1: Dear Prague, Why You So Beautiful?

May 8 2013 It has only been two days and I have already fallen in love with this red roofed city in Czech Republic. Despite the overflowing cup of compliments … Continue reading

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Thoughts on ‘Mamma Mia’

I watched a musical last night with my family that was ABBA-tastic! The Novello Theatre was filled with people dancing on their feet, clapping and waving their hands singing along … Continue reading

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Hidden Treasures in London

What makes a good city? I know I have yet to experience and learn more from my future, but based on my not-so-vast past, I think a city should incoporate … Continue reading

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