Kim Meets World

A blog raveled in randomness


1. What is the mission?

I want to inspire. Inspiration is such a simple but nonstick-able word that is very hard to commit to. Why? Because my story will never be enough, in my opinion. Everyone has stories, and their experience is worth much more than what I hold. So my mission with this blog is “simple”: I hope my writing can spark an emotion of curiosity, familiarity, and relatability.

2. Who are the readers?

This blog is for those who like to share their stories with me. My stories are shaped in various forms such as leisure books or food, but they are all under one big umbrella: my life. People who would like to hear and more importantly share their stories with me are most welcome. It’s like a campfire gathering!

3. What do the readers value?

What do you value? Money? Happiness? Freedom? I can never know. But as readers, you are most likely to value writing, and writing springs from inspiration. Is (a source of) inspiration what you value?

4. What are the results I hope to achieve?

I’d like to share my stories, in return of listening to other stories.

5. What is the plan?

I’d like to upload one post at the end of each month, which would be a reflection of a thought that most occupied my mind for that month.


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