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Writing Sesh #1

creative-writing-pictures-creative-writing-coursework_1These writing sessions I participate are done in groups somewhere in New York City. We read poems, short stories, or newspaper articles, and the instructor provides us a prompt to write within about 20 minutes. Today we read and discussed on the topic of money, and the prompt was to write starting the phrase “having money means”. So this is what I wrote for today’s writing sesh:

The Father’s Perspective

Having money means to work for my family.

Having money means to put food on our table three times a day.

Having money means to provide a future for my daughter.

Having money means to let my daughter go to university.

Having money means to give the wedding of her life.

Having money means to help her form a new family.

Having money means to feed her babies, my grandchildren.

Having money means to make her happy and live a lovely life.

Having money means to work to make her dreams come true

Skip family dinner time

Leave Parent-Teacher Conference early

Miss my daughter’s high school graduation

Forget about her university graduation

Hold another client and not my daughter’s hand on the aisle

Be invisible in her family photos

Lose trust of my daughter to look after her babies

Not witness the life that I have worked for


Having money means to build a life for my daughter,

but what does not having a father mean?

 If you would like to share yours, reply to this post with the link of your writing! I would like to read some of your creative minds.


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