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The Disney Tag

1) If you could experience any scene from a Disney film what would it be?

Treasure Planet

I would like to experience sailing a mechanical ship in space like Jim did in Treasure Planet (2002). I want to sail next to the star whales, travel to unknown galaxies, and gaze at those uncountable stars. But I certainly hope I would not encounter a black hole.

2) Any Disney character that you want to be best friends with?


It would be Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove (2000). He is cute, strong, funny, awkward, innocent, and adventurous as he is the sidekick of evil Yzma. He can also teach me how to speak “squirrel”.

3) Favorite Disney Princess?


I never had a favorite Disney princess because I preferred magical characters like Marry Poppins. If I chose a princess that I envy very much, then it would be Belle from Beauty and the Beast (1991). She received a library as a present!

4) Any scene in a Disney film that makes you cry?

frozen.sceneThe scene when Anna sings “do you want to build a snowman?” to her older sister Elsa was touching. It was heart breaking to see siblings grow emotionally distant when they are just one door apart from each other. With parents gone, they only had each other to rely on in the big palace. Anna and Elsa must have been scared and wanted help, but they just couldn’t do what they desired to do.

5) What is the first Disney film you remember seeing?


Marry Poppins (1964). I remember seeing the movie over and over again, putting the Laser Disc inside again and again.

7) Favorite Disney villain?

e337f855803fdeba5d9e052893c0cd4dHades from Hercules (1997). Saying that he is scary is an understatement like many Disney villains because he was determined to destroy mankind and the world. But when he talks, he is sassy.

8) What Disney character has your personality type?


My personality type according to this personality website is INTJ. If I check with this Disney website, I am apparently Elsa. The description is somewhat reasonable, but I was hoping for Marry Poppins since she could fly with her umbrella and jump into chalkboard drawings on the sidewalk.

Join me in this Disney Tag! What Disney character has your personality type?


Personality test website:

Disney Personality site:

I was inspired to do the Disney Tag by James Chats on YouTube:


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