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What Books Are To Me

It might sound lame and it might sound stupid, but books are like my friends. I get overly excited see potential “friends” on Book Depository and have the time to reread some of my old “friends” at the public library. However, the books that I own receive a special package of love. The books I buy are most precious, and I see them as my children. I cannot help it! There’s a certain glow to the ones that I have chosen and cared for. (I’m not crazy. I promise.)

booksThe reason I wanted to share this post with you is to know if I’m a selfish person or not when it comes to borrowing books. Some classmates often ask which books I’m reading outside of class, and I recommend a few contemporary/young adult literature that they might enjoy reading. From time to time, someone would ask THE question: “Can I borrow your book?”


I know it’s selfish of me, but I cannot help it! It’s like I’m sending away one of my children to a stranger’s house. Who knows what will happen once that book is out of my sight? They might have a dog with deadly teeth that could rip my book into pieces. They might have a younger sibling who does not appreciate literature and destroy the covers of the books. Or they might even accidentally crumple the book inside their bags! Who knows? WHO KNOWS?

I am overreacting to such a little question, but it’s because I had numerous cases where someone borrowed something from me, and they never returned it as it was. The most disappointing part is when they don’t tell you that they made a damage to your product. One time, a classmate borrowed a Taylor Swift CD from me, and when she returned it, she actually brought it with a crushed cover. The cover was plastic, so the cracks were very visible. But she did not say a word. She just gave it to me as if nothing had happened. I trusted that person to bring back the product as it was, but that expectation was not met and furthermore, that person did not tell me the mistake he/she had done onto the product. It is in the past, and I’m not a current fan of the singer, so it doesn’t matter. But what if the same thing happens to my books?

Of course I borrow my books to people I trust, but I experience this dilemma time to time with others. Is there anyone else who encounters this situation? Or am I just selfish girl who does not want to share with her neighbors?


3 comments on “What Books Are To Me

  1. Felis
    March 27, 2014

    I can’t agree for the dogs. I have few pets and they never do that. But I also don’t give my books to other people, because they don’t care for them. You wouldn’t ask me to give you my clothes, so don’t ask me for something more precious like books are!
    Maybe you will like this quote that I’m get it for myself.

    • Kim
      March 28, 2014

      Have you seen the pin about Belle (from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”) and the grand library that the Beast gave her? There are pictures showing that while “other girls” wanted a happily ever after with a prince, “I” wanted the library. Still somewhat true…

  2. Felis
    March 29, 2014

    Always was my favorite princess :).

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