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My Karaoke Buddies

I love singing–doesn’t mean I’m talented to try out for American Idol or the X-Factor, but I enjoy singing with my friends at karaokes. I have seen some friends who drastically change when they hear a certain song from a karaoke machine. These are some that I have noticed from my circle of karaoke buddies:

1. Type A: the innocent-looking lamb that sheds off its coat and turns into a big bad wolf:


2. Type B: her sophistication vanishes as she sings Disney songs without a single mistake:

type.b 3. Type C: a masked fan of One Direction who sings all their hit songs with perfection:


4. Type D: one mysterious person who doesn’t sing until a mike is handed to her and breaks out with a stellar performance:


Karaoke is an enlightening place where people are gathered to discover their hidden true-selves. I go to karaokes to dispel some of my stress, so people are surprised when I deliberately choose songs by Beyonce to shout to. My friends know what they’re in for when I tag along, but those newcomers have no idea how their ears will be damaged by my version of “YOU MUST NOT KNOW ‘BOUT ME!” (Irreplaceable by Beyonce is a must-sing song for me.)

Do you change when you’re in a karaoke-like environment?


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