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Bookish Resolution 2014

Continuing on with my previous blog post “Books of 2013”, I was inspired to write my bookish resolutions by another You(book)tuber, PeruseProject. These bookish resolutions are things that I hope to read or achieve by the end of 2014. Some of them are my goals, some are inspired by other readers, and some are promises that I have made with others. 2014 is a huge year for me, and I hope to make “good” changes in my personal life in terms of habit and school of thought.


I know this happens to a lot of us… or is it just me? Never mind, I’m putting you in this it’s-already-happening sinking boat of “new year resolutions” with me! So these are three bookish resolutions that I would like to be achieve by the end of 2014:

1. Read 50 books in 2014

I have read 50 books in 2013. This is not hard for me since most books I read are YA literature. Rather than bumping it up to five more books, I thought consistency is important. So I want to maintain this “relationship” I have with books and not fall behind.

For people who are wondering if I actually stack books to count how many books I read that year, I use Goodreads. It is a great website to write reviews on books you have read, set goals on how many books you want to read, and join book clubs/groups to discuss about books. What I like about Goodreads is that you have an option to choose the cover edition you own, and there are a lot passionate readers who you can follow (it is like Twitter, but you instead follow book reviews).

2. Read the Bible

This bookish resolution is a promise that I had made with my parent. I do say that I am a Christian when the question is asked, but I feel guilty of saying it since I didn’t even read the Bible from front page to back–only parts of it here and there. My parent wants me to read the Bible because when someone is alone and troubled, there is no one to look for help/hope but yourself and God. My parents are, I guess, a bit worried, and they want me to build a stronger faith that can help me during future hard times.

Frankly, I don’t know where I stand in this religious spectrum. However I feel like giving it a chance.

3. Read the Lord of the Rings trilogy

I hesitate to say I am a reader because I have not yet read the “big” books. For example the classics (Great Gatsby or Wuthering Heights), other English novels (Persuasion or Passage to India), and famous novels that are being adapted into movies nowadays. So I have bought the Lord of the Rings trilogy at my university bookstore because I have wanted to read them for some time (and they were on removal sale). This up-coming semester is going to be pretty crazy for me, but I have breaks in between and my last summer break as an undergraduate. So I think I can do this.

What are your new year resolutions? I think it helps us to stick to our resolutions when we declare them in full sincere statements. Or maybe not… we’ll have to see when 2015 tackles us right around the corner.


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