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S1E9: Rome, You’re Old

View of Rome

A view of Rome

May 20, 2013

I want to sum up the historical sites I have visited in Rome: the Colosseum, the Vatican and the Trevi Fountain.

1. The Vatican

Basilica S. Pietro

Basilica S. Pietro

Maybe it is because I have seen a lot of cathedrals and churches at Prague and Barcelona. I was not as impressed as the other ones I have seen in other countries. The Basilica S. Pietro is within the Vatican walls, and it had the longest line I had ever waited during my Europe trip. I was glad to have entered the basilica after the long queue under the blazing Sun. It was grand–like many cathedrals and churches I had seen in Europe. The ceiling decorations are amazing and the angel statues gracefully walking out from the stone walls fascinated me. Maybe if I had taken a break from visiting Gaudí’s architectural works at Barcelona or the St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague, I would have been more awestruck by the grandiose Vatican basilica. Unfortunately that did not happen.

But I was so happy to have finally seen a few works of Michelangelo with my own eyes! I squeezed into the crowd to see the glimpse of Pietà at the basilica, and I stood for a long time to observe the Sistine Chapel ceiling and “The Last Judgement” Fresco. It was a shame that I could not take a photo of this amazing masterpiece, but I was just so elated and blissful to stand below the raining artwork. It was overwhelming to follow through the biblical stories and identifying the people drawn on the fresco. Other rooms and ceilings are a blur, but Michelangelo’s artwork was absolutely…

2. The Colosseum



The Colosseum was grand making you wonder how people during that time were able to create this building. By standing there looking at the area does give you an eerie feeling–people cheered and watched as others were fighting for their lives.



The ticket we bought included the entrance to Palatino and Roman Forum, which I thought was worth a visit. I preferred the visit here than the Colosseum just because it had greenery and less people. The area was big so I thought of it as more of a park with ruins here and there that would be an excellent archeological educational site. I usually enjoy history, but today I wanted to walk the path and feel the warm light on my body while taking a few photos with my cellphone. Some might say I might have wasted a visit not knowing what I was seeing, but I still enjoyed the visit very much in my own way. I have more memories of the sites in Palatino and the Roman Forum.

3. Fontana di Trevi

Fontana di Trevi

Fontana di Trevi

Can you believe that this is one big slab of marble? This is without doubt a beautiful as well as an enormous fountain I have ever seen in my life, and to imagine that this was made on a single marble block–my mind was exploding. The interesting story I heard was that on your far right (not in the photo), there is a window that is drawn whilst the others are all part of the fountain. It is said that the creator of this fountain made a mistake on that last window, and so the emperor killed the man for his architectural mistake. So after the death of the creator, other sculptors were too scared to continue and finish that last window. Thus that last window is drawn and was never completed as part of the grandiose fountain. This story might be true or not–some tourist guides try to oversell history. Anyway the story reminded me of the Astronomical Clock in Prague. Why do wonderful inventors have to meet an unfortunate end?


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