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S1E8: Rome, You’re a Good Chilling Place

May 19, 2013

Strawberry milkshake and coffee just hanging out

Strawberry milkshake and coffee just hanging out on a sunny day

The weather was perfect: the Sun was blazing down on us and the wind was calm. There were not many cars roaming around the corners of the shopping streets, and the ruins of old buildings provided a perfect scenery for people sitting at cafes. My mom and I were one of those people today. We were unable to find seats facing a historical building since those cafes were crowded, but we sat where we had a panoramic view of petite shops and various people having a leisurely walk. The umbrellas on our table were opened to block us from the hot Sun, and the atmosphere of Rome made me want to meditate quietly with my strawberry frappé.

This was a unique moment of silence. It wasn’t like as if the streets were empty–there were lots of people walking up and down the shopping streets. It wasn’t like the air was clean–the woman right in front of us was smoking, and unluckily for us the wind was blowing the smell right into our faces. However, Rome held serenity. Magically, it was noisy and quiet at the same time.


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