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S1E1: Dear Prague, Why You So Beautiful?


View of Prague

May 8 2013

It has only been two days and I have already fallen in love with this red roofed city in Czech Republic. Despite the overflowing cup of compliments (about Prague) I had received before coming to Prague myself, I was–and still am–amazed by the archaic beauty this petit city holds. It is as if the bricks on the road (that are tightly packed in such a beautiful pattern) breathe out Prague’s history for us travellers who walk on foot the whole day. It is not tiring when you are walking along the river on Charles Bridge or when walking on narrow roads packed with small shops selling Prague’s prominent features of marionettes and glassworks. The sky is beautiful in the afternoon, and the bright warm Sun lits the view of the city just like those random naturistic postcards that you want to dive right into. Prague is (without doubt) very beautiful, and today was when I realized that cameras cannot capture all things we see.

1. Pražský hrad (Prague Castle)


St. Vitus Cathedral

Inside St. Vitus Cathedral

Inside St. Vitus Cathedral

This castle’s history dates back to the ninth century, and it is one of the largest castles in the present world. I had the chance to visit three places within about two or three hours, which were Katedrála svatého Víta (St. Vitus Cathedral), Bazilika Sv. Jiří (St. George’s Basilica) and Zlatá ulička (Golden Lane). I suggest that you enter the St. Vitus Cathedral at the end because that was the highlight of my visit–using the saying ‘save the best for the last’. Pictures I had taken with my phone cannot contain the essence of St. Vitus Cathedral, the massive building with coloful stained glasses. One conpicuous stained glass is made by Alfonso Mucha himself, and the lively texture with gradient colors of the glasswork masterpiece aggregates to the hallowed ground of the cathedral. I was awed by how grand, decorative yet simple a cathedral can be–the other cathedrals I have seen in my life cannot be compared to this beauty.

The Golden Lane

The Golden Lane

The Golden Lane was another highlight of the visit because of the line of small shops that led to a scenic view of Prague city. Starting from the beginning, the journey along the Golden Lane started with the toture room, which I dared not to take a photo of, and ended with the house of a film collector. Between these two houses, there were displays of armory and weaponry (with a trial stall for shooting with an arrow bow), petit shops selling marionettes, etc. for gifts (I bought a string bookmark with two dangling metal objects) and houses with English explanations of who lived there. At the end, you enter another part of the Golden Lane, which offers a priceless scenery of Prague. The red roofs are vivd under the bright Sun and the bright colors complement the greenery that surrounds the small city. Archaic details from the middle bridge across the river added the already perfect scene under the blue sky. I bought a cup of sangria and a trdelnik (rolled pastry coated with sugar) and had a snack while viewing this wonderful scene below me. I cannot explain it in words how beautiful it was…

Let's share the together!

Let’s share the trdelnik together!

2. Karlův most (Charles Bridge)

One of the sculptures on Charles Bridge

One of the sculptures on Charles Bridge

Marionette on Charles Bridge

Marionette performance on Charles Bridge

This bridge was the only path to cross over the Vltava river until 1841, so it was once the most important bridge that connected between Old Town Square and Prague Castle. Now it is a historic bridge appreciated worldwide, and there are mini-stalls that sell jewlleries or paintings or do quick caricature/portrait drawings. There was also a cute performance of a marionette playing a guitar with a pre-recorded music, and further to the end, there was a band playing live music for passersby. I absolutely loved walking on this bridge not only because the historic significance it holds but if you turn around 360 degrees on this bridge, you will be able to experience the beauty of Prague. Every angle was a beautiful scenic view. With glittering water on the river and not so crowded bridge surrounded by mountains and old buildings, the city is absolutely flawless at this point of view. My words cannot suffice…

3. Pražský orloj (Astronomical Clock)

The Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock

I don’t know why but I am very interested in looking at watches–not the digital ones we have stored in our cell phones but watches with moving hands. So I had to visit this clock at Prague. First installed in 1410, this Astronomical Clock is the third most oldest clock in the present world and has a small ceremony every hour. I have yet to watch one, but just by looking at its still motion, the design and texture the clock holds make it seem very precious and unique.

These were the highlights of my trip yesterday and today and there are still a lot more places to visit here in this small city. For those who told me that a six day trip to Prague was too long, I have to say–no, shout–six days is too short! If I had the time, I would have spent the whole day at the Prague Castle or I would have planned another day trip to a nearby city outside of Prague. There is so much to do, so much to see and so much to eat at Prague, and I underestimated the city’s potential of fun by its small size. Do not belittle what Prague has to offer by its calm beauty because there is so much more pathways outside and inside of Prague that you can take for a scenic adventure!


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