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Bookstore Hunt #9

It has been such a long time! I have been so busy with my final essays that I did not make time for another bookstore hunt. Luckily I was hanging out near Covent Garden and noticed two unique stores. Another bookstore I spotted was at Kew Gardens on another sunnyday, and I think Kew Gardens is one of my favourite spots in London.

1. The Astrology Shop

The Astrology Shop

The Astrology Shop

This shop is near Covent Garden, and with a hint of curioisty in astrology (since I took a semester course in my first year of university) I entered the blue store. On my right as I entered the store had books containing information about zodiacs, stars and spiritual topics like the book ‘The Secret’. It was interesting to look around since the store had tarot cards (which I often played with when I was little), shining minerals on display and plastic folders with a few unique pictures you would not often find in other stationary shops (I saw a picture related to foot acupuncture). It is a small shop (that is part bookstore) so I did not spend much time but it had a nice atmosphere for some reason. There were not many people inside and the two staffs looked nice–the place had a cosy feeling to it.

2. Stanfords



This is a bookstore that sells travel books, but it also did sell a few fiction books under the categories of best selling and leisure reading during travels. The store has three floors and different countries occupy different shelves on each floor. Among the books, you will also see a few practical objects like filtering water bottles or very small crunched up bags, which could be convenient for travelling. It was a great stop walking from Covent Garden to Leicester Square, and the bookstore was big enough to have a cafe attached to the building next to the children’s book section. I think this is an amzing place for people like me who often dream about going to foreign places. We can’t do it often so why not imagine it with a help from beautiful photographs in travel books.

3. The Kew Bookshop

The Kew Bookshop

The Kew Bookshop

This bookshop is located at Kew Gardens right along the direction headed towards Kew Gardens from the station. This bookstore looks cute with its petite design and colorful blue painting that strikes very bright among with other shops and cafes at that street. I have to say that this is one of my favorite visits because the calm atmosphere the bookstore has is unique. If I lived in Zone 4, I would often visit this place just because it is nice and quiet, and most importantly for me, not crowded. After buying a book, you could enter a nearby cafe and start reading in a quiet environment.


The Astrology Shop:


The Kew Bookshop:


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