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Thoughts on ‘Billy Elliot’

Photo from official UK webste

Photo from official UK webste

I just returned from an amazing musical at the Victoria Palace, and yes, it was Billy Elliot the musical. The story was packed with emotional conflicts between a father and sons, hilarious moments with Billy’s friends, a heartfelt memories of Billy’s dead mother, dynamic action between the rioting miners and the police and a relatable story of boy trying to be himself. Instead of continuing his boxing practices like any other boy in his small community, he accidentally tumbles into a ballet class and starts to dance. I am embarrased to admit that I cried at the moment when there was a conflict between Billy’s dad (performed by Deka Walmsley) and Billy’s older brother Tony (by Killian Donelly) about what is the right thing to do: abide to work as a miner or continue to resist and fight against what in their eyes are doomed to their deaths. It pulled out some of my personal memories and the performers did a flawless job staying in characters. The orchestra was flawless too and drove the wonderful music to its best! I recommend this to everyone who has the chance to see it. Today was a very precious unique musical day for me!

Billy (performed by Harris Beattie) is a boy wanting to dance ballet and auditions to enroll into the Royal Ballet School. With the help of a teacher Mrs. Wilkinson (by Gillian Bevan), Billy quits boxing and secretly learns how to dance. He has innate talent that drew the attention of every girl in the classroom, including the cute funny Debbie (by Millie Thornton). Billy was talented and so was Harris Beattie! I could not believe a 14 year old boy could majestically and graciously perform ‘Swan Lake’ (performed with Billy’s older self Barnaby Meredith); loudly and maturily express emotional anguish through movements in ‘Angry Dance’; and give an amazing musical number ‘Electricity’ with such a great voice and dynamic dance movements. He did a wonderful job and I really did enjoy this musical very very much (I have to repeat myself–it is necessary!).

From UK official website

From UK official website

There were too many awesomeness in today’s afternoon performance that I think I need to condense my excitement for this blog post. ‘Solidarity’ performance was flawess in that they were able to incoporate two different spaces on one stage and have the ballet clas while the tension between the rioting miners and police are occuring on the streets. It was well-executed that even though the movements touched within the two merged realms, they were at different spaces telling a different but somehow the same story. This might sound gibberish, but you have to see the musical! ‘Expressing Yourslef’ with Billy and his friend Michael (Joe Massey) was hilarious that I just laughed during the whole time without a smile-break. ‘The Letter (Mum’s Letter)’ was a moving musical number and when Billy’s dead mom (Kay Milbourne) appeared under a pale light, it was a sad and pleasing moment at the same time. The duet of Kay and Gillian was perfect. And who can forget–the hilarious moments of the supporting but awkward father while waiting outside the audition room. I can go on and on about the use of lighting and how effects hightened the playfulness of Michal or anger of Billy, but these should be a surprise. I do want to say right now that the orchestra was brilliant! The hidden stars of every musucian in the pit made today’s performance unforgettable for me. I constantly-in-repetition loved it! Thank you to everyone in the cast, orchestra and creative staff for giving a wonderful day!


‘Billy Elliot’ musical UK website:


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