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Malcolm Reynolds (#Firefly)

‘Firefly’ opening logo

If you have not watched Firefly yet, then I suggest you go search this American series right now! The first episode of Firefly called “Serenity” was aired in 2002 on Fox, and even though the creator of this intelligent show Joss Whedon planned to continue the series for six more seasons, the low ratings caused a cancellation to the show. However the fandom never ceased. The show aired in 2002 was just a tip of an iceberg. Under the water, there was an unfathomable fandom this American television produced. The unfinished stories of the characters are retold by numerous fans till now, and I can vouch that everyone who talks about Firefly wishes that this show will start its engines again and blasts off to the sky across the ‘verse.


The above photo is not the full cast of Firefly but I don’t think I can describe all of them within one post. Also I don’t have a favorite character just because everyone traveling on the spaceship named Serenity (a firefly-class ship) is unique in their own ways and have personalities that a variety of people can relate to. They is a group on the same ship, but that does not mean they always sit in a circle and chit chat about what they love about each other. This was the aspect I absolutely loved and thought this show should not have stopped after one season. Everyone had flaws, and it was apparent and led to physical consequences that affected the group. They were not perfect, which made the show real. (Also the fact that Joss Whedon did not add those gigantic swooshing explosive sound when the spaceship was flying in space.)

Captain Malcolm Reynolds

Captain Malcolm Reynolds

I need to stop here because I could go on about how intelligent this television show in relation to character development in comparison to other shows I have seen so far. But I need to move on and talk about Captain Malcolm Renoylds (portrayed by Nathan Fillion). He is the captain of the ship Serenity, and in this science fiction western series, Mal (his nickname) is not the dashing-dandy leader. He is sometimes cute in his own ways, but he is also ruthless when he wants to get his point across. He has his soft heart-felt moments, but don’t think he’s one of those handsome people whose personalities are all golden. Mal’s hurtful brutal past as part of the rebellion against the Alliance directed him to a lifestyle of smugglers. However while he steals goods and kills people to get his fair share, he can never neglect ones in need of dire help.


Mal kicked a man, Crow, into the swirling fan of his spaceship because Crow rejected Mal’s suggestion of sending a warning to Crow’s boss Niska (Episode 2, “Train Job”). Mal pushed a man over his vehicle while everyone was running away from Reavers because instead of making space and saving the man’s life, he wanted to keep the smuggled goods on his vehicles (Serenity movie). Despite these cold-hearted moments, Mal stopped his travel to make a stop at a brothel to help friends of his companion Inara Serra (portrayed by Morena Bacarrin) and punished the wrong doings of highly statured men (Episode 13, “Heart of Gold”). He is not the usual protagonist seen in most television series who is always forgiving and does not believe in violence. Mal uses violence to get his point across and if he didn’t like what you did, he would kick your ass. But these merciless aspects are complemented with his loyalty to justice, and this mixture of transparent flaws and courageous charisma made me fall in love with Captain Mal.

To those who watched ‘Firefly’, what do you like about Captain Mal or about others? If you haven’t (I recommend it), what television shows would you like to recommend?


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