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Bookstore Hunt #8

Other than going to museums and seeing musicals, I am getting addicted to finding new bookstores in London. Some people might think I am a bore, but bookstore hunt is a hobby that can only be enjoyed in big cities like London. Hong Kong is a small place where there are not many bookstores to venture, so I am going to take advantage of my study abroad experience! I should have this same attitude towards my actual studying…

1. The Book Warehouse

Book Warehouse

The Book Warehouse

The Book Warehouse is near the Notting Hill Gate Station and the store sells other than books. There were a collection of classics, novels, children’s literature and cooking. The shop also has souvenir gifts that I skimmed through, which did not pay much attention to because I liked looking at the books that were neatly spread across tables and stacked on shelves. The prices were about one or two pounds cheaper than the original prices and the ones that were on sale were still new. The store did not sell secondhand books. The store is of course not designed like Waterstone’s but I thought it was big enough to have a number of books that I picked up in interest to read the first few pages. The main branch of The Book Warehouse is at Holborn.

2. Brick Lane Bookshop

Brick Lane Bookshop

Brick Lane Bookshop

The Brick Lane Bookshop is near the Shoreditch High Street station and is along the Brick Lane Market. My friend and I were searching for a pair of shoes, but when I saw the word ‘Bookshop’ amongst fashionable names of clothes stores, I had to drag my friend into the bookstore. The place sold new books, cards and other souvenirs such as cups with quotes simply designed on the white background. There were also books, mostly classics, that were on sale. The store was clean and the books were all new and neat. It was a nice break from vintage fashion shops and fantastic street arts.

3. Waterstone’s (Piccadilly Circus)



This place was amazing! Waterstone’s (near the Piccadilly Circus station) has five floors of bookish goodness and I have never been to such a big bookstore like this. For all book-lovers out there, if you are in London for a visit, I think this is one bookstore that you should look inside. I looked at only the first two floors and I absolutely love this place. If I have time and at Piccadilly Circus, I’m planning to visit this place again!


The Bookware House website:

Brick Lane Bookshop website:

Waterstone’s website:


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