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Spike (#Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Spike (portrayed by James Marsters)

To those who watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003), you understand me when I say my favorite character is Spike. He is a character, in my opinion, that made the show much more exciting and interesting with his boastful personality. To those who don’t know Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it is an American television series created by Joss Whedon about a female vampire slayer who exists in every generation. Season one started with Buffy (portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar) moving to Sunnydale High School, which is placed directly above the Mouth of Hell and attracts all types of monsters like bees to honey. Buffy becomes best friends with Willow (by Alyson Hannigan) and Xander (by Nicholas Brendon), and she goes out on daily stakeouts during the night in graveyards with guidance of her watcher Giles (by Anthony Head). This television series is an action-packed, hilarious and dramatic story that I really enjoyed watching. Of course the costumes and a few computer graphics used in this show were outdated for me, so the suspense created with computer graphics did not scare me that much. However, the storytelling elements and characterization made me love this series. And my favorite character Spike!

Not all vampires are loving and vegetarian in this series except for those who restored their souls to be tortured with horrible guilt. Angel (by David Boreanaz) is one of those vampires and Spike (by James Marsters) later restores his soul in season five or six. Spike enters in season two with Drusilla (by Juliet Landau) in plans of destroying Sunnydale, and his strong appearance to the series instantly made me like this new character. Yes, he is evil, but it is his personality that I absolutely admire.

Spike is a character who is confident in his own ways of “living” and does not care about what others think. He knows what he wants and what he hates, and Spike is not afraid to express his thoughts. That is part of the personality that I like about Spike. I sometimes lack in being assertive of my opinions in real life, and I often get dragged into situations that I regret wasting time in. Spike has a harsh tongue in rejecting options or being disinterested in helping out, but I think it is a quality a few introverts like me need a small smudge for our guts.

Lover's Walk

From episode “Lovers Walk”

I can go on and talk in detail of various episodes where Spike features in, but I guess I should contain myself from doing it all in one post. So I shall talk about one episode for today. In the episode “Lovers Walk” of season 3, Spike returns to Sunnydale alone and kidnaps Willow to do a love spell and make Drusilla love him again. This happened after Angel came back and tried to be friends with Buffy and move on from their complicated past. So among characters who are all having troubles in romance, Spike is the only one who strongly expresses his love. Other characters like Willow, Buffy and Angel are trying so hard to avoid admitting it to others and to themselves.

Angel and Buffy helps out Spike in a magic shop to find ingredients in exchange for Willow’s safety. When Spike hears that Angel and Buffy are just friends, Spike (like always) was not afraid to tell them his thoughts on their obvious relationship. Spike tells them, “I may be love’s b**ch, but at least I’m man enough to admit it“. This is a quote that for some reason I remember very well. It portrays how open Spike is with what he feels and what he thinks. He does not care what other people think and he is confident in being his “horrible” self. I love this handsome character!

To any of those who watched ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, who was your favorite character?


2 comments on “Spike (#Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

  1. Rabbit-moon
    March 21, 2013

    Oh! Totally Spike! Spike will always be my favorite character! He was the only reason I watched BtVS.

    The story of his journey to redemption from “The Big Bad” to “Champion” was brilliant! Add to that Marsters’ amazing acting talent, and you have a character that stole your heart and soul!

    • Kim
      March 21, 2013

      I absolutely agree with you! There is so much to talk about that one post is insufficient.

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