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Bookstore Hunt #7

Today was such a nice day with bright blue sky and few spots of white clouds above my head. Though the violent wind had messed up my hair several times, the Sun was shining and lighted up the colorful lined houses on Portobello Road Market.  Among the antique shops that I visited, there were also a lot of nice bookshops that I went in. One of them also smelled very nice!

1. Books for Cooks


Shop for Cooks

Books for Cooks

Books for Cooks was the bookstore that smelled very nice because it had a restaurant inside. The place was packed since there were limited number of seats and tables within the small bookshop, but the food smelled very nice–maybe because I was really hungry but anyways, the plates looked delicious! There were vegetarian cookbooks and other books for children too. There was not a big collection of cookbooks as I imagined since half of the space was occupied for the restaurant, but I thought it was a unique ‘bookstore hunt’ experience accompanied with a delicious redolence.

2. The Notting Hill Books


The Notting Hill Bookshop

I actually was looking forward to seeing the Travel Bookshop that featured in the famous movie ‘Notting Hill’ (1999). I did not know that the bookstore closed so I was aimlessly walking back and forth for a couple of seconds. Later did I realize that this bookstore replaced the previous one by actually looking at the address number. However I was still so happy that ‘accidentally’ entered this bookstore because I found a hardcover book (‘Rivers of London’ by Ben Aaronovitch) on sale! The Notting Hill Bookshop sell new books and has a few books on display on sale, like the one I picked out. There were also children’s books, travel books and a few small souvenir magnets and notepads near the cashier. I liked this bookshop very much!

3. Oxfam Books (Portobello Road Market)

Oxfam Books

Oxfam Books

Oxfam Books will always be a secondhand bookstore that I will not pass by. I had to go inside and like other Oxfam stores that I have visited in London, they sell a few collection of secondhand books as well as DVDs and CDs. I liked this tore because of the collection they had for children’s books. I saw Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ and a few of Roahd Dalh’s books that I do not think I have seen in other bookstores. I loved reading Snicket’s books and was tempted to buy one, but I thought I should stick to my current reading lists for now. I could always come back before I leave London, which will be about three months from now. I don’t want to leave!


Books for Cooks website:

The Notting Hill Bookshop website:

Oxfam Books (Portobello Road) :


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