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Bookstore Hunt #6

I had to finish reading a few books before I went on another adventure finding bookstores in London. I think today was another successful bookstore hunt for me because I found a few places that I will definitely visit again.

1. Oxfam Marylebone

Oxfam Marylebone

Oxfam Marylebone

This Oxfam bookstore is on Marylebone Street near Bond Street station, and the store also sells a collection of DVDs and CDs. The last Oxfam bookstore I visited was the one near the British Museum, which I posted on my ‘Bookstore Hunt #3’ and I think this one on Marylebone Street has a wider collection of secondhand books. Especially the classical selections I thought had a lot of new books with updated covers, which I guess would quickly vanish. They had also ‘humour’ selections as well as as section for books that are selling for one pound only! I skimmed through the titles and I found none that was interesting to buy but I’m guessing they change the books regularly.

2. South Kensington Books

South Kensington Books

South Kensington Books

This was my favorite visit for today. This bookstore is near the South Kensington station and they sell a lot new books as well as discounts. They are not at a price of secondhand books because the materials are still untouched, but the books that I picked up are one or two pounds cheaper than the original price. There is also a small selection of books placed right outside the door, which are on sale. I did not find any interesting books outside but definitely a lot inside. (The store also sell a few greeting cards, which I think many bookstores do in London.) I recommend this bookstore to anyone who happens to be in South Kensington. I think it is worth a visit for book-lovers!

3. Vintage Magazine Shop

Vintage Magazine Shop

Vintage Magazine Shop

Vintage Magazine Shop is located in Soho near Piccadilly Circus station and as it says, they sell magazines that were published in the past. I am not particularly interested in magazines but I thought I should have a look. This store had more than magazines. Vintage Magazine Shop has postcards and posters of vintage drawings or pictures of famous past celebrities, and they sell badges and key-chains (which I wanted to buy one with the theme of the movie ‘Wizard of Oz’ (1939)). There are also a small collection of those silly props of fake mustaches. I did not buy anything in this shop but I thought it was fun to just look around.


Oxfam Marylebone website:

South Kensington Books website:

Vintage Magazine Shop website:


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