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Thoughts on ‘Singin’ in the Rain’

The most hilarious romantic musical that I have seen so far in London. I went into the Palace Theatre not knowing what will happen, like any other musicals I have been to because I did not watch the famous film ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. The only knowledge I had in my mind was that ‘the front stalls will get wet’ that is printed on my ticket. The kind women who sold me the seats told me that it will drizzle and assured me that a few drops will hit my clothes. That was not what happened and it was amazing! Don Lockwood (played by Adam Cooper) walked Kathy Selden (played by Louis Bowden) to her destination and gave her a goodnight kiss. Then the orchestra starts the music and Don slowly walked towards the center of the stage through the pouring rain. He sings the beginning of the melody and the audience applauds in encouragement with great anticipation. Tips of his lips further crawled up towards his cute cheeks (please don’t think I’m creepy, but I found the male performer very handsome!) and he smiled more genuinely as he began singing the well-known song ‘Singing in the Rain’. He jumped, stomped and kicked to splash the water towards the audience, which my whole face and parts of my hair got wet. I loved it! It was an indirect interaction with audience, and everyone laughed and gasped as Adam Cooper sang and dance while making big gestures to tease the audience with imminent shower of rain. It was such great fun, so if you don’t mind getting wet, I recommend you try sitting in one of the front rows.

Other than the impressive ‘raining’ act and the finale act, the musical was interesting and funny. The interesting part in the story was the incorporation of film making history and the changes or effects that it had to the ‘Monumental Pictures’ company. The rise of ‘talking pictures’ depleted the demand for silent films, so the studio that Adam Cooper works for drastically changes their plans on an upcoming film to follow the trend. As the changes (adding voices to the film) does not better the reputation of the actors as well as the studio, Cosmo Brown (played by Stephane Anelli) suggests a musical movie. This character used classical gestures for jokes, which I laughed at a lot as he clownishly followed around a gorilla and fainted with a comic facial expression due to exhaustion. I swear, it was not childish but hilarious! Oh, and let’s not forget about Lina Lamont (played by Jennifer Ellison). Though how annoying Lina’s way of speaking was, I loved her role in the story. The performer did a great job in making her an dis-likable, beautiful, irritating and humorous character all at the same time.

The dances were well coordinated with various styles such as tap dancing, and the story had a well-developed plot (I guess because there was a movie first) that consisted of a (cheesy, corny) beautifully put romance between the main characters. I often do not  read or watch romantic plot lines, hence the musicals I had seen so far did not have a dominant romantic plot. However ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ musical had a strong presence of the couple and a lot of kissing while other musicals just held hands or hugged (mild physical contacts). But despite that, I really enjoyed watching this musical. It was so much fun! From the famous act of singing in the rain, getting wet from the splashes of water, seeing the staged settings without an over-abundance of props and watching well choreographed dances under bright colored lighting complemented with other ballads under mild light. I laughed and smiled from the beginning till the end of the show, so I recommend this great musical to everyone!


Singin’ in the Rain Musical UK website:


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