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Dream Houses

I don’t know about you, but I often think about houses that I want to live in if I was loaded. I mean, it doesn’t hurt to think about them. It’s a similar game to ‘If I Had a Million Dollars’ that I played when I was young with my classmates. Well, recently I found this article while surfing the web and I wanted to share it with you.

Daily Geek Show is a French website where they post articles with subjects of technology, lifestyle, culture, multimedia or business. The article I read named ‘Découvrez 10 des plus insolites maisons du monde!’ shows ten unique houses situated in different countries and describes them with photos of the exterior and interior designs of the house. The website is in French, but I still recommend you to check out the photos (I put the link below) if you have time. Some houses are practical, which lacks decorative aspects design-wise while some houses are ornate, which the multitude of bright colors gives an overwhelming feel to the home. Out of the ten houses featured in the article, I loved a few and I could imagine myself living in those houses.

(Note that all the pictures I post here are from the article. I do not own the photos posted below.)

1. ‘Japon: La maison toboggan’

This house, which is called the ‘Slide House’, is in Japan. The exterior design is very simplistic with a white overlay and a few windows, but the thing that interested me was the slide built within the house. There are stairs to go up to the third floor, and then there is a slide that you can go down from the third to the first floor. How cool is that! Every time I have to leave the house, I could basically slide down and be led straight to the exit door. If you also look carefully to the plan, there are two entrance doors on the second floor, which are next to the stairs as well as the slide. So if you forgot something along the way, you can just stop and go through that ‘secret’ door like Lucy going through a wardrobe into Narnia. And cleaning the slide won’t be that hard–I just need to slide with a cleaning cloth by my side!

2. ‘Protugal: Maison de pierre’

‘Stone House’ is in Portugal and as you can see, the house is made out of sturdy stones. I love this idea, which it gives an illusion that Nature herself created a house for people to live in. The big boulders on the side gives a ‘dangerous’ personality to the house and the environment supports the wildness of this beautiful home. I think this would be the best place during the summer because it would naturally be cool inside. I am unsure about winter, but I guess we can survive anywhere if we own a small heat pack or a hot bag. I love the picturesque photos of these houses, and as a person who prefers a quiet rural area, this would be a perfect home for retirement and be away from the busy populate cities. Well, at least for me.


3. ‘Mexique: Coquillage géant’

The house is called ‘Giant Shell’ and it is in Mexico. This house has a similar ‘nature’ aspect to it because of the shell shape, but I think this house is likeable to only those who like bright bold colors. The interior design is unique to complement the unusual shape of the house, and because of the colorful glass window, the inside is lit up with vibrant colors. The rooms carries the similar theme of oval shapes, so the shower room has oval shaped rocks decorating the walls and the television room has seats attached to the wall in a circle. Other than that particular pattern, the private rooms are not as adorned as I thought it would be, which created a balance between being flashy and being modest.

4. ‘Etats Unis: Inspiration Pierrafu’

Yes, as the name says, this house in America is inspired by the famous animated show ‘The Flintstones’! Something that I had seen so many times on a flat television screen has come to life and became a real three-dimensional object on the surface of the Earth. I would love to visit this place!

If you want look at the other innovative houses (I mentioned four out of ten), check the article from the Daily Geek Show FR website!


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