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Thoughts on ‘Matilda’

From UK official website

From UK official website

Wow. Simply a genius musical that has portrayed the story of Matilda in series of dramatic scenes in a manner that I could not have possibly imagined. The magical stage built with wooden blocks of letters centered around the story of Matilda. The child performers were amazing in that they stuck to their characters throughout the performance even when being in the backdrop. The musical was very entertaining with talented performers dancing and singing at the same time, inventively incorporating props in their dances that suited the atmosphere of their songs and scene. The musical was very funny with jokes from the presence of Miss Trunchbull (played by David Leonard) and the words spoken by a small intellectual girl Matilda. This musical had everything that could entertain everyone from kids to adults in the theatre!

The music and lyrics were by Tim Minchin and the word play of the lyrics were cleverly written with unique tunes that burst with enthusiasm in the first number and sometimes fear complemented with flashing lights and loud sound bites that rung the theatre. The dances were choreographed by Peter Darling and the movements were well coordinated as well as complicated, which I was really surprised by how many child performers were able to execute perfectly. I posted comments on the child performers in ‘Lion King’ musical last week, and I was a bit harsh in stating that they dragged the storyline of the first half of the show. However, the child performers in ‘Matilda’ musical were talented in ways that they were full of energy throughout their performances and still looked like they were having fun dancing and singing at the same time. I loved one of the school boys who sang and motioned his hands as if he was a pop-singer–he placed his forefinger in his ear as if he had an earphone and closed his eyes with an electric guitar accompaniment. For me, it was hilarious! Another memorable scene was when they placed letter blocks alphabetically in the gaps of the school gate, which synchronized with the sound of the first letter of the lyrics. I was continually shocked and amazed by their ways of storytelling. The stories were creatively portrayed with technological advancements on stage. Sometimes the stories were intertwined and merged on stage bringing up emotions from different timelines of the plot, which I thought was done flawlessly (and not making it as messy as my description). The musical’s way of embellishing the original story of Matilda made me speechless with awe!

I applaud to all the performers. I applaud to the orchestra band. I applaud the designers and technicians. I applaud the writers and director (Matthew Warchus). I applaud everyone who helped this musical be performed on stage because I definitely had an enjoyable day. This is definitely a must-see musical for everyone who liked Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’!


‘Matilda The Musical’ website:


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