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Bookstore Hunt #4

I had reading week to take some time and search for bookstores in London. Unfortunately that wonderful freedom-packed week has come to an end; however this will not be my last adventure! But I think I will have less leisure time to walk around the city once my university schedule resumes. I am still surprised by how many private bookstores there are in London, and they have a unique ambiance that is different from WHSmith and Waterstone’s (not intended to offend those shops). A bookstore is a special space that I think more people should enjoy and go in to look through new and secondhand books. I do not think you have to enter a shop just to buy a book and leave. Take your time. Stroll the aisle between shelves of books. Look at the first few pages of a random book, and if you like, buy it and if not, put it back. Relax and take your own time enjoying the ‘bookish’ atmosphere.

1. Daunt Books

Daunt Books

Daunt Books

This bookstore is near Baker Street station and was my favorite place I visited today. They sell new books of usual genres such as fiction and also a range from children’s books to language/foreign books. The store has a shelf of cute vintage-like postcards and stickers, which I very liked. The store consists of more than one floor, and do not be deceived by the small entrance. Once you go inside, the size of this place enlarges to the back where you will be greeted by two more floors of books. I absolutely loved it because there are not many bookstores like Daunt Books in Hong Kong. This is definitely a must-go-in bookstore for everyone, and I will visit this place again soon!

2. John Sandoe Books

John Sandoe Books

John Sandoe Books

John Sandoe Books is near Sloane Square station, and there was no one inside the bookstore. They sell new books, and if you are one of those who prefer to be inside a quiet place with the owners who have smiles on their face, then this should be a great place for you. I like quiet places, but I think this place was too quiet for me. There were two staircases that went to underground and second floors, which I did not take. My back ached from walking to much so I did not stay for long at this bookstore, which was my last bookstore visit for today.

3. Treadwell’s Books

Treadwell's Books

Treadwell’s Books

This bookstore which is near the British Museum and Goodge Street station was a very unique experience for me. They sell secondhand books, and the ones that were close to the door were mainly books on folklore, Greek mythologies, very few modern novels and Buddhism. If you go further inside the bookshop, there are more books related to occultism, witchcraft and other minor belief systems (I did not look that closely). It was interesting for me to look at covers (though I did not look inside) and the titles that I think I have never seen in other bookstores so far in London. I did not buy a book at this bookstore because I personally am not an avid reader in those subjects, but for those who are slightly interested, then this bookstore can be one of the places you might want to visit in London. Furthermore I just checked their website, and they have workshops that you can sign up for.

Bookstore hunt… until next time when I am not obliged to catch up with my assigned readings!


Daunt Books website:

John Sandoe Books website:

Treadwell’s Books website:


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