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Bookstore Hunt #3

1. London Review Bookshop

London Review Bookshop

London Review Bookshop

This bookstore was recommended by a nice person who made a comment on my first ‘Bookstore Hunt’ post. The place was quiet and had collection of new books that were neatly stacked, grouped by genres. There is also a cafe, which the person told me that I should go try. Unfortunately I did not have time to go inside, and the space looked quiet occupied compared to the bookstore. So I just stayed with the smell of new books. The London Review Bookshop is near the British Museum, and I saw a book that I need for my Australian literature course–too bad that I already bought it through Amazon. Ugh, I should have come to this bookstore earlier!

2. Oxfam Bloomsbury Bookshop

Oxfam Books

Oxfam Bookshop

This bookstore is near the British Museum on Bloomsbury street, and they only sell secondhand books. I think they had more collections on history, young adult literature and crime books, but the bookstore also has books on music, sports, fiction and other miscellaneous genres such as botany. Secondhand books are always the best choice for me. The value of those stories never alter just because the price decreased or the covers of the books are worn out. I do have some charity stores such as this near my home, but they only had two shelves of books that I could look at. This Oxfam store is concentrated on secondhand books, so it is worth a visit! I personally think these bookstores are where everyone should go–you buy a book you wanted at a cheaper price while donating!

3. Slightly Foxed

Slightly Foxed Bookshop

Slightly Foxed Bookshop

Slightly Foxed Bookshop is near the Gloucester Road station, and this two-storey bookstore sells secondhand books as well as a small collection of new books. The first floor had books under fiction genre and a few merchandises that I frankly skipped so I have no idea what they had on display. The underground floor had books on history, travel writing, classics, biography and miscellaneous subjects such as gardening. The ones outside were at special prices. There were only two people when I entered, so it was quiet. This bookstore is nice place to just skim through the books and take your time tilting your head side to side trying to read the book titles placed on the shelves.

I liked the Oxfam Bookshop the best for today’s bookstore hunt. I do not have a list of specific reasons why I prefer the Oxfam bookstore over the other two bookstores, but I think it just had to do with the fact that you gain something while contributing the Oxfam charity organization. We need to go to these bookstores often because these wonderful places should continue to exist!


London Review Bookshop website:

Oxfam Bloomsbury Bookshop website:

Slightly Foxed website:


2 comments on “Bookstore Hunt #3

  1. I also love the Oxfam on Bloomsbury Street – there are quite a few Oxfam shops around London and I would also recommend the one on Marylebone High Street.

    • Kim
      February 22, 2013

      Thank you for the recommendation. I shall visit that place soon! 🙂

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