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Bookstore Hunt #2

I was planning to watch “Les Miserables” musical at Queen’s Theatre, but apparently they do not sell student stand-by tickets anymore. I had to trace back my steps to the Piccadilly Circus station until I realized I had some names of bookstores written on my planner. So instead of tracing back my steps into my room where I would have to finish my mid-term assignments, I wondered off to find more bookstores in London.

1. The British Library

The British Library

The British Library

There is a small bookstore to the left as you enter the library, and they sell new books ranging from the Keep Calm and Carry On quote books to classics under the British Library’s featured genre, which is currently crime. There were also small merchandises and key chains of the Mad-hatter that I personally thought was cute. But that was not the highlight of my visit to this wonderful library. I was impressed with the “Sir John Ritbalt Gallery: Treasure of the British Library”. The gallery is divided into different sections of genres ranging from music to sacred texts, and you can see the writings of Wordsworth and prints of biblical texts with ancient drawings preserved in cool temperature. I enjoyed looking at the Beatles section where they displayed the writings and drawings of John Lennon, and you could see the paper that immortalized the lyrics of the song “Yesterday”. The British Library was a wonderful (and of course quiet) place to go in and see these literary pieces.

2. Gosh!

Gosh Comics


This place is located near Leicester Square station, and this is a heaven for comic book and graphic novel lovers. I absolutely loved this place the moment I entered, and with fresh new books neatly displayed on shelves and on tables, I just wanted to buy all the books I saw. There was Goliath and Fun Home, which I wanted to buy so badly, and whole other books that I cannot remember because they were just too much on display. That means I will visit this place again. Very soon.

3. Any Amount of Books

Any Amount of Books

Any Amount of Books

This bookstore was not on my list, but I had to stop by and go inside. The place was near Leicester Square station, and there were quite a lot of passersby who entered out of curiosity like me. This bookstore sells secondhand books, and the ones outside are the ones with special offers. I thought there was not much to look at because of its small size, but I was amazed by the big collection ranging from classics to contemporary fiction books the store had. I guess this bookstore taught me that I should never judge a bookstore by its size.

4. Hatchards



This bookstore only sells new books and this was near Piccadilly Circus station. I did not walk around much because 1) I was getting pretty tired 2) and this bookstore had more than one floor. I skipped the fiction section and went straight to the classics, and they had the most beautiful covers with simplistic designs like for Wuthering Heights and Northanger Abbey. I will come back to this bookstore for the classics.

So many bookstores here in London. I am so excited for my next bookstore hunt!


The British Library website:

Gosh! website:

Any Amount of Books website:

Hatchards website:


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