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Abed (#Community)


Abed Nadir in Community

Community is one the most hilarious, touching and smartest American television shows I have seen so far in my opinion. I am not saying this is the only one out there, but comparing to the modern television programs I have been watching, I think Community is a unique creation that is packed with relatable characters and compelling storytelling that can be enjoyed by everyone. I can continue to praise the series’ wittiness and creativity, but I will stop myself to talk about a certain character in the television: Abed.

Abed Nadir (played by Danny Pudi) is the odd ball in the study group at the Greendale Community College. Life is predictable for him because he grew up watching television, which was a mirror that aired all plausible ways life can be headed with various characters. In Abed’s words, “he was raised by TV”. His friends in the study group think he is vulnerable as in Abed cannot distinguish between fiction and real life, but that is not true. If you have seen three seasons of Community, you will notice that Abed knows the difference between reality and television. It is his fluid ability to travel between fiction and reality that everyone mistakes him as a “sociopath”.

For example, Abed Nadir has a room reserved for his imagination called the “Dreamatorium”, which Troy often accompanies him into imaginative fantastical journeys to planets and in outer space. Abed does not continue to act that way when he is on campus because he knows that in real life, “normal” people feel awkward toward people like Abed. He actually knows this and sometimes uses to his advantage throughout the seasons, which I really admire. He does not change even though his behaviors are labeled as abnormal, and I am jealous that he is able to quickly switch his mind between his imaginary realm and real life without effort. If Abed Nadir was really a human being living on this planet, I would call him a genius!

Abed Nadir, as the study group describes him, is weird in a cute way. Awkwardness is his specialty and that does not bother him. He is himself and is certain of who he is, which is an achievement that I think many struggle with in life. Though sometimes Abed Nadir does have misunderstandings within communication of human hearts, he quickly learns and adapts in life in his own way. Of course those happy endings are cliched to send hopeful positive messages, but I love watching Community including those gushy moments. I love the character Abed Nadir, and I state that he is my favorite character.

Abed is cool, cool, cool.

Let’s go Greendale Human Beings!

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