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Thoughts on ‘KOOZA’

My 'KOOZA' Ticket

My ‘KOOZA’ Ticket

KOOZA! A word that roamed in my mind with anticipation at the start of the show and the word that I shouted out with excitement at the end of it. Cirque du Soleil has done it again and amazed me with their various talents and tricks that made my mouth open with awe, smile with fondness, laugh with amusement and frown with sadness. Their use of costumes, lights, live music and space including the audience seats constantly drove me into their world and forget about my world full of upcoming boring university assignments. It was a night to remember.

To any of those who have not yet seen any of the performances done by Cirque du Soleil, they are a circus company touring worldwide with various productions. The first production I saw from the Cirque du Soleil was the ‘KÀ’ show at MGM Grand, Las Vegas. For the first time in my life of watching live performances, I cried during a scene because it was so beautiful and pure. This scene that is now stored in my memory forever was a shadow play performed by two characters. Their bodies crouched in the darkness with a strong white light placed between them, they started to tell a story to each other with their hands and the shadow magnified their delicate hand movements. The music complemented the stillness of their figure, and the tranquility of their fictional hideout wrapped the vulnerable state of the characters. It was a very beautiful scene full of hope, and it is something that can only be felt at live performances.

Because of the amazing memories I had with the last show, I wanted to watch another production by the Cirque du Soleil. (I want to say that I am not planning to watch the movie, because like musicals, I believe circus performances such as these should be watched on stage and not by a compilation of multiple cuts.) ‘KOOZA’ like the last show that I saw has a plot line that follows a conventional arch of emotions. The stage presence of each performer brought life into all of their acts, and even though there were minor mistakes during the show, the concoction of romance, action, suspense and comedy swept me away. Every movement was followed through to the tip of their fingers, and the emotions expressed on their face were enchanting. I personally fell in love with the character Trickster who introduces the character Innocence into a world of adventure but also full of chaos.

I cannot describe all the acts they had done in the show even though all of them were wonderful and flawless in my eyes. The acts that I held my breath to due to the suspense of knowing that the performers might injure themselves were: ‘High Wire’, ‘Wheel of Death’, ‘Balancing on Chairs’ and ‘Teeterboard’. The one that I kept opening my mouth due to the awesomeness that was packed in: ‘Contortion’. All of the acts in the ‘KOOZA’ show were radiating with special talents that sat me on the edge of my seat. The suspense of not knowing what might happen in a live show is extremely heightened in circus shows such as this, but the accompanied music performed live added the extra push in the intense atmosphere.

I loved the fact that everything was at risk. Other than the high level gymnastic performances, there were short snippets in between huge acts where the character King or the Pickpocket would ask for a volunteer and the person would have to follow along and actually improvise their performance. I really hoped that they would ask me to come up on stage, but unfortunately they passed right by me. I do not know if the volunteers enjoyed it or not, but the audience certainly had a great laugh at the tricks and jokes implemented by the performers. It was all improvisation to some extent, and I absolutely loved it. It might have been chaos, but knowing that we did not end up with an unhappy volunteer just made the show better. It created an atmosphere that could not have been present without these performers roaming through the audience seats before and during the whole performance. It was full of randomness!

I am currently holding myself back from telling you the details because just like the word KOOZA, the world Cirque du Soleil set up on stage is certainly magical as well as unpredictable. Not knowing what will happen next is definitely an important element that you need to have when going to see one of the productions by this company. So before I run off with my words again, I would like to conclude with a smile wide across my face: KOOZA!

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